Our Values

Our Values

Our mission at Aquilo-Tech goes beyond keeping cool. From early conceptualization through to delivering our products, we have built all aspects of our company and operations within a framework that embodies our core values.

Swiss Technology, Made in Europe

Since inception, our focus at Aquilo-Tech has been to create high quality products that embody our Swiss heritage and passion for perfection. We have developed our technology exclusively in Switzerland, collaborating with local partners to carefully engineer our materials and refine our product.

In order to maintain standards, our company footprint is based entirely in Europe; leveraging specialist know-how from across the region to deliver the best possible solutions to our community. Starting with technological development and engineering in Switzerland, we have expanded our operations to Spain, Italy and Germany, where we design, test and manufacture our products.

Working openly with and learning from our community has been integral to the progress we have made. As we expand our Swiss-born venture across the globe, our aim is to concentrate on open engagement with our community, ensuring we never compromise the integrity of our product and mission.


From early conceptualization through to delivering a final product, we put a strong emphasis on achieving sustainable practices. While designing our first product, the Aquilo Wristband, we focused on reusability and product lifetime. Employing our unique materials to create products that could be reused indefinitely without risking the integrity of the technology and its core benefits. The answer, an interchangeable cooling unit containing Aquilo’s proprietary gel technology – the AquaPod.

Our wristbands are designed for long-life, whether the user is an avid sportsperson or simply looking to beat the summer heat. The wristband can be refreshed indefinitely, simply replace your AquaPod and keep cooling. The solution optimizes user experience and access to our cooling technology, while avoiding waste and inconvenience.

We maintain a strong commitment to sustainability throughout our operational footprint. From sourcing materials to delivering a product, we ensure that all external partners are aligned with Aquilo’s core values.

Keep your cool

The Aquilo Wristband is just the beginning. Our long-term goal is to broaden development of our technology and product offering within sportswear and beyond. We are continuously dedicating resources to materials research, product design and the search for new applications for our technology. Ongoing projects have already revealed numerous opportunities in lifestyle, practical and medical applications, where Aquilo cooling technology has the potential to improve and add significant value to end-user utility. Stay-tuned for news on all that’s cool.

As a company we are always looking to support new initiatives and projects which demonstrate the potential to create social capital and benefit the community on a whole. We believe the use and adoption of Aquilo technology can have a widespread positive impact on society, providing a cooler way of life for everyone.