Our unique materials control the evaporation of water, absorbing heat from the body and generating a       percooling effect: the process of cooling the body during sports, a technique proven by numerous academic studies to have significant benefits for athletes.



Using targeted cooling, our technology reduces hand perspiration and moderates moisture on the palm. Whether you’re on the court or at the gym, improving your grip and keeping dry will help take your game to the next level.

cool power

Supporting the natural thermoregulatory response to lower and maintain core body temperature can drastically improve energy conservation and efficiency. Our technology provides continuous evaporative cooling relief, improving energy conservation, power output and muscle fatigue when its most needed.

Cool feel

Regulating the release of the body’s excess heat ensures that you remain in your optimal thermal comfort range. Providing both physical and sensory cooling relief, our technology significantly improves the sense of thermal comfort. Whether you’re doing exercise, recreational activities or simply enjoying the sun, we can help you beat the heat.


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